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About Me

Explorer, Experimenter, Simulator, Teacher, Philosopher, Organization Builder 


  • Right now I am venturing into new adventures. Repositioing the Bahu Uday Lok Sewa Samiti ​and trying to set up an AI venture. Time will bring many more.... 

  • Some of the worthy adventures of the past - Set up an innovative education management model that can be scaled up across India. Evolved a new curriculum designing protocol. Established Community Foundations in three distinct agricultural-climatic zones of India. Brought out a popular a hybrid newsletter-journal on philanthropy and development. Built a large percolation-cum-storage tank in a mountainous zone. Pioneered the ‘school on wheels’ model. Built a national level training system for agriculture and dairy sector professionals. Wrote a theoretical paper on ‘Epistemological basis of interdisciplinary knowledge in education’. Compilation and analysis of large amount of data on language codes in bilingual classrooms. Helped Government of India in improving fiduciary governance. 


  • Served as Member of advisory board of Global Fund for Community Foundations 


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